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Animal Lover

Animal Lover is a body of work by artist Julie Andreyev that converge on questions and critiques addressing contemporary relationships between humans and other animals. The projects use interspecies collaborative modes to reveal the expressive, emotive, communicative intentionality of other animals. The Animal Lover projects contribute towards an ethics of compassion and regard for the intrinsic worth of other-than-human individuals in contrast to more conventional beliefs about nonhumans as being ‘less than human’ and as resource for human use-value.

The Animal Lover projects are often produced in collaboration with companion dogs Tom and Sugi where respect, fun and challenge are employed in the process. The dogs participate directly in the research and content creation of the work by suggesting ideas for projects and by determining the material for production. Also, aleatoric and improvisational methods are used that provide for chance, open-ended expectation, surprise and learning.

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We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $157 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.